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 The truth about Gold Parties and Mobile Gold Buyers

Very Dangerous for you, Go to a licensed Gold Buyer

Beware!!! I am sure you or someone you know has been invited to a home “Gold Party” to sell unwanted or broken jewelry, coins, diamonds, and so on. Well the truth of the mater is that such a gathering to an unlicensed location is against the laws of California. No one is allowed to purchase such items from the public without a secondhand dealer license or a pawnbroker license. Even if the buyer does have one of these licenses, it can only be used to purchase items in the location the State has printed on the license; that means at their place of business, not at another person’s home or office. This crime is a problem in California and is growing. So be aware that if you plan to throw a gold party, the people that you trust to buy your friend’s gold are committing a crime by doing so you could be convicted of aiding and abetting in the commission of crime. Thus, both you and they may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Not only may this involve jail time and a fine, but wait until the IRS and State Board of Equalization find out. So the next time you hear about a “Gold Party”, remember that you are responsible for what happens in your home. Where to sell your unwanted gold, broken jewelry, coins, and diamonds? Most Jewelry stores and Pawn shops buy these items, you need to do some homework and find out who will pay you more; I will recommend you take your items to multiple stores and let them weigh it and give you a price, If you are in doubt ask to see the scale they are using to verify the actual weight, these scales must have a county seal, which means they have been approve and tested by the county department of weights and measures. The best thing to do is to go to an established store that you trust and feel comfortable doing business with.

Burt Seuylemezian,
Burt’s Jewelry
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